More than a name

Motorola stands for trailblazing innovation, quality, and authenticity. We’ve spent nearly 100 years leading people through uncharted territory… and the next century is going to show that we’re just getting started.

Technology is not an industry, it’s a tool that can be used to drive meaningful change. A pioneering spirit, combined with a dedication to enhance the human experience is in our DNA – and how we got our name. Two inventors created the unthinkable and couldn’t find the words to describe it. ‘Motorized Victrola’ (known today as a car radio) was shortened to become the iconic ‘Motorola’. Does a human need a car with a radio? Not necessarily. But had we started with that question, the world would be very different today.

One giant leap for mankind

NASA trusted Motorola to bring communication to the moon in 1969. Neil Armstrong’s famous “giant leap” was heard around the world, thanks to the Motorola-built transponder he was holding. Quality is in our DNA and our endless drive to deliver is what makes us trusted leaders in mobile communications.

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Why stop at the moon?

Groundbreaking industry-firsts are made possible by the people that make up Motorola. Where others see challenges, we see opportunities to drive significant change and set the bar higher. Camera systems that use Artificial Intelligence, touchscreens that fold perfectly flush – the only thing we know for sure is that the possibilities are endless. And that’s what drives us to continue to innovate.

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The Customer is always...

… at the centre of everything we do. To us, bringing people together doesn’t mean everyone is the same. Our obsession with innovation is driven by a commitment to humanity and engrained in our company culture. Initiatives dedicated to understanding consumer wants and needs are tested on the very employees who work at Motorola. Just listening isn’t enough – we hear consumers because we are them.